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Lauroamide propyl betaine CAB-35

Product Type  Ampholytic surfactant

Chemical Name: Lauroamide propyl betaine
Physical and chemical properties: good compatibility with Anionic surfactant, Cationic Surfactant and Nonionic Surfactant, and can be used as a cloud point inhibitor. Produces rich and delicate foam. Significant thickening effect on an appropriate ratio of Anionic surfactant. It can effectively reduce the irritation of fatty alcohol sulfate or fatty alcohol ether sulfate in the product. It has excellent antistatic properties and is an ideal conditioning agent.
Technical index:

Item Index
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Odor Same as standard sample
Color ≤200
PH value 4.5—6.5
Solid content ≥35
Ammonium chloride ≤6.0

Uses: It is a new type of Ampholytic surfactant with good cleaning, conditioning and antistatic effects. It is very irritating to skin and mucous membranes. It is rich in foam and is suitable for formulating shampoo, bath, facial cleanser and baby products.
Product packaging: plastic drum, 200 kg / drum, 50 kg / drum

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