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Coconut fatty acid monoethanolamine (CMEA)

Product Type  Nonionic Surfactant

Chemical Name: Coconut fatty acid monoethanolamine
Physical and chemical properties: excellent thickening and foam stability, low dosage and thickening and safety better than 6501. It has good compatibility and excellent synergy. It has excellent emollient, fragrance, decontamination and hard water resistance. It is not soluble in water and is suitable for pearlescent products. Can be used in the preparation of pearlescent pulp. Good biodegradability, the degradation rate can reach more than 97%.
Technical index:

Appearance: White to light yellow flake
Amide content: Min.85%
Free fatty acids: Max.0.5%
Free amine content: Max.1.5%
PH value: 9.3-11.3
Free amine value: Max.14
Ester: Max.2%
Color: Max.400
Acid price: Max.1.4
Methanol: Max.0.5%
Glycerin: Max.11.0%

Cloud point °C ≤ 10
melting point °C: 65.0—75.0
Uses: added to pearl shampoo, bath, hand washing, laundry detergent, soap, ointment, etc.
Used as thickener, foaming foam stabilizer, detergent. Especially suitable for ammonium salt system shampoo, shower gel, hand soap and so on. It is often used to prepare pearlescent pulp and is also used as a raw material for the synthesis of amide surfactants.
Recommended dosage: 3-5%
Product packaging: paper bag, 20 kg / bag

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