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Hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride 1631

Product Type  Cationic Surfactant

Chemical name: Hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride
Physical and chemical properties: this product is white or yellowish wax, soluble in isopropanol, soluble in water, a large amount of foam when oscillating, can be combined with cationic, nonionic, Ampholytic The surfactant has good compatibility. It has excellent properties of penetration, softening, emulsification, antistatic, biodegradability and sterilization. This product has good chemical stability, heat resistance, light resistance, pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance.
Technical index:

Item Index
Appearance White to slightly yellow wax
PH value 6.0—8.0
Active substance 63.0—67.0
Active substance 68.0—72.0

主Uses: Widely used in asphalt emulsification and waterproof coating emulsification, glass fiber soft processing, industrial additives and silicone oil emulsifier, pharmaceutical industry additives, hair conditioner cosmetic emulsification conditioning, woven leather chemical additives, emulsion foaming agent, fiber soft Antistatic, polyester silking aid, organic bentonite covering agent, protein flocculation and water treatment flocculation, silkworm silkworm disinfectant, washing and disinfecting, etc.
Product packaging: plastic drum, 50 kg / drum

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