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July 29, the daily chemical sector fell

release time:2019-05-21

[Gade Chemical Network Daily Hotspot] On July 29, the two cities opened flat. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.06% to 2992.54 points, with a turnover of 1.018 billion yuan. Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.11% to 10384.4 points and traded 1.459 billion yuan. . In terms of sectors: Ningxia plate, software services, automotive electronics and other sectors were among the top gainers; daily chemicals: graphene and other sectors were among the top losers. Peripheral market: US stocks closed mixed on Thursday (July 28), driven by the rise of Apple and Facebook, the Nasdaq performed relatively better, hitting a new high since December 1, 2015. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 15.82 points to 18,456.35 points, a drop of 0.09%. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 3.48 points to 2,170.06 points, or 0.16%. The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 15.17 points to 5,154.98 points, an increase of 0.30%. On the news front, the window guidance opinions issued the refinancing plan of listed companies was "framed"; the application for merger and acquisition reorganization was tightened two days, four listed companies were rejected; the network stocks were exchanged for vests: claiming cooperative cooperation leverages up to 8 times; new shares The market value of the implied shell price is less than 5 billion, and the market is not open. The privately-owned Dafei Yefei is also a "pit" for the violation of the rules; the bank fund fund company is also punished for the "zero tolerance" of the fund pool business. Multiple risk warnings are still available to buy brokers to start * Xintai counter transactions. Today is the last trading day in July. "Seven turns over" has been highly anticipated by the market. In fact, the market did indeed rebound in July. As of July 28, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.21%. However, the high-profile giant earthquake of more than one hundred points on July 27 undoubtedly added doubts to investors: Will the food market continue? With relative returns and absolute return investors have entered high-position areas, the rapid rotation of the sector is accelerating the consumption war of stock games and may bring the risk of eating and paying. “Short-term risk avoidance is the first, and patiently wait for the opportunity.” Zhang Huaen suggested embracing the performance cycle and waiting for the value to be reassessed. Under the background of the decline of the entity's return rate and the expansion of the debt-side cost, the whole society's asset shortage situation persists and accelerates the crowded transactions of investors and financial institutions for certain deterministic income assets. This feature is reflected in the stock market from non-ferrous (gold), food and beverage, home appliances to low valuation, high-dividend stocks, and in the bond market, from normal-term government bonds, credit bonds to ultra-long-term government bonds. The rate is down. For the stock market, he believes that the trend of capital chasing “having performance, low valuation, high dividends” will continue, and the tightening of supervision will strengthen this feature, and value stocks are welcoming the opportunity to reassess. Looking forward to August, Liu Guangwei, research director of the New Era Securities R&D Center, believes that the “snacks” market entered the second half. “In August, the A-share market as a whole adjusted the tone and dug a pit to prepare for the next wave of Mid-Autumn Festival. However, the downward adjustment will not be too large, and the support of 2800-2900 points is strong.”

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