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Netease koala and Rossmann cooperation Germany's "half-man" changes life

release time:2019-05-21

On September 12th, NetEase Koala Haibu signed a strategic cooperation with Rossmann, the second largest commodity chain store in Germany. In addition to the cooperation in self-operated direct mining, the two sides will cooperate more in the market and brand promotion. The two sides said that through the platform of NetEase Koala, there will be more Rossmann's high-quality products into the Chinese users' homes. The quality control and pursuit of both parties will also lead the evolution of Chinese families. Founded in 1972, Rossmann is currently the second largest grocery store chain in Germany. At the time, German businessman Dirk Rossman named his first store with his last name, Rossmann, and became Germany's first self-service daily necessities supermarket. The largest Rossmann store sells 17,500 categories. A wide range of products, including skin care, hair care and other toiletries, pregnant and baby, health products, pet food, photo processing, natural cosmetics and wine products. In addition, the perfume category includes more than 1,000 famous brands and more than 1,000 products. As of 2016, Rossmann's products are distributed in 6 countries and regions in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey and Albania, with a total of more than 3,500 stores. In Germany, about 1.6 million customers shop at Rossmann every day. In addition to selling products from world-renowned brands, Rossmann also has a quality self-operated brand. In 1997, Rossmann owned its first private brands such as babydream, facelle, sunozon and Winston. Rossmann's own brand director, Lorenz, said that the quality of the brand plays an important role in the success of Rossmann. Through unswerving quality monitoring of all Rossmann's own brands, high quality is guaranteed. In more than 400 Oeko-Tests, Rossmann products have achieved "very good" or "good" results. Over the past 18 years, StiftungWarentest's evalsuation results are also the best proof of this strategy's success. When doing quality comparisons, Rossmann's own branded products are sometimes even better than some of the famous big names. In addition, it is 30-50% cheaper than similar big-name products. The advantages of these private brands in the market are unmatched by similar industrial brands. Currently, Rossmann has 29 own brands and about 5,000 different items. It is the most owned product in Germany for daily necessities. The famous Rossmann brand now includes "Isana" (skin, hair and body care products), "domol" (cleaning and washing products) and "alouette" (portable paper towels, household paper and toilet paper). The person in charge of NetEase Koala Haibao said that the “Made in Germany”, which is known for its rigor, is well known all over the world. This time, we signed a contract with German daily "Centre" Rossmann to focus on the introduction of 11 brands, including health products, beauty, home cleaning, personal care, maternal and child products and food. We believe that we can provide the most advanced life technology for Chinese families. And aesthetics. For example, the cleaning problem of washing machines that cause headaches, the washing tank that easily accumulates washing powder, and the scale accumulated inside the washing machine are neither hygienic nor shorten the life of the washing machine. It is a problem that is easy to ignore in general, and it is generally difficult to realize the problem. solve. Domol's washing machine cleans the effervescent tablets, and a small piece can solve big problems. Ms. Helen Kaup, head of Rossmann's international trade department, said, “In recent years, China has developed very fast, and Chinese people have become more and more fond of German goods. Rossmann has provided very many Germans and Europeans in the past few decades. The products and services that we are most proud of are now, and we are very happy and honored to bring these goods to more Chinese consumers through NetEase Koala." For the most worrying overseas shopping in China, the issue of counterfeit goods, Rossmann's second generation RaoulRossmann promised to sign a contract with Netease Koala, "our partners will send goods directly from our warehouse to Chinese consumers. The goods they receive will be the same as those bought by German consumers in our retail stores."

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